I.T. Sector

The Pantanal Campus I.T. Sector is subordinated to the Administrative Coordination (COAD). It is responsible for supporting matters related to informatics and information technology.

Support Call Request

Support offered by Local Support to the users for service requesting, questions and information.

Local Support directly and indirectly supports the user, performing services that are within the scope of the team’s expertise in the systems and equipment approved by the institution. In a direct way, we operate on approved equipment, providing the services for the satisfactory operation of the systems involved In the indirect form, we provide information, tutorials, manuals to assist in the configuration of the IT resources in the Campus, for example: UFMS-AIR network, domain access and laboratories. Support is offered on-site, by e-mail and / or telephone, and may be requested in the occurrence of incidents, problems or service requests, as long as they are in accordance with what can be accomplished by the assignments of IT technicians and CPAN Laboratory technicians.


IMPORTANT: The support service does not provide consulting services, do not take questions about basic operations of software such as word, excel, powerpoint etc; does not mount and does not assist in the handling of Datashow, does not format or configure personal equipment. We do not install computers and we do not install institution printers in personal notebooks.


To have a comproved link to the University.

Who can request?

  • Students;
  • Technicians;
  • Professors;
  • Outsourced.

How to request access to the support service?

The service request is performed through Call Opening by the following means:

I.T. Technicians:

Pedro Henrique Rodrigues Salinas  

Tiago da Silva de Sá

Informatics Lab Technician:

Gilberto Xavier Loio – gilberto.loio@ufms.br